Welfare of the Disabled Fund calls for the companies concerned to supply what it dues to the Fund and waving to go to court


Held today at the headquarters of the care and rehabilitation of the disabled Fund meeting to discuss the decline in revenue for the Fund and the search for alternative plans to improve revenue and enabling the fund to finance the various activities and programs for people with disabilities. At the meeting chaired by the Executive Director of the Fund, Engineer Mohamed Daylami and a number of relevant departments in the fund managers, Chief Financial Officer of the Fund provided a detailed explanation on the financial situation of the Fund, which passes the conditions of an unprecedented result of declining revenue on the one hand and the reluctance of a number of companies for the payment by the Fund in accordance with law. The meeting approved the formation of a committee to follow up the income of the Fund and to require the companies concerned to pay the financial dues from the fund in accordance with the law unless the fund will be forced to sue the manipulated entitlements persons with disabilities in these entities. The meeting also discussed ways of activating the aid of internal and external grants, as well as the necessity of activating the investment side of the money fund to improve revenue. And discuss the meeting, which was attended by Director General of CAC Bank branch in Zubairi Hani Kibsi national expert Abdel Fattah Kibsi financial facilities which can be obtained by the Cooperative Agricultural Credit Bank (CAC Bank), including converting authorities scientist dues with persons with disabilities in the provinces through the bank. The meeting discussed a number of issues on hand and took the appropriate decisions Azaaha.,

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