Welfare of the Disabled Fund provides medical services for the war-wounded at 250 million rials


The Executive Director of the Fund for the Care and Rehabilitation of Disabled Mohamed Daylami day field visit to the Center of the Hospital seventy Sana’a physical therapy. And inspect the Daylami During the visit, persons with disabilities are victims of aggression and who are receiving treatment at the center, which was established with funding from the Fund, also heard from Dr. Shafiq Ali Aljona Musharraf center and a number of those who support it for a full explanation of the services provided by the center for the wounded aggression and needs the center of the additional requirements to provide its services to the largest number of wounded to. He praised the organizers of the center role of the care and rehabilitation of the disabled in the fund set up physiotherapy center and support the diverse medical furnishings. He Daylami the need to provide all the support and care for the wounded aggression, said the fund for persons with gave the disability of the wounded aggression, especially in his work priority during the last period, and will continue to provide its various services despite the difficult conditions in which the fund experienced by the decline in financial revenue in an unprecedented way to several factors, notably the the bombing of Air aggression of a number of factories and companies which had obtained them Fund revenues. And a variety of health services provided by the care fund and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities wounded aggression on Yemen, between the surgical procedure of bone and prosthetic, and operations of the eyes, and conduct diagnostic tests, and provide physical therapy and its requirements and total cost of even the middle of this year, 250 million riyals. The number of beneficiaries of the prosthetic operations and cash equivalents provided by the Fund since the beginning of the aggression (3.362) people a total cost of more than SR 100 million, as the number of spinal operations by the Fund conducted for the wounded aggression (165) process at a total cost (66.000.000 riyals) , while the total number of beneficiaries of the wounded aggression of eyes to operations conducted by the Fund (274) people a total cost of (25.482.000 SR), and the number of beneficiaries of the garment pressing services of injured aggression (28) people total cost (3,500,000 rials ). Fund A number (125) stethoscope for those affected by the wounded aggression total cost of (11.250.000 SR), as the fund held (226) Miscellaneous process for wounded aggression total cost of (10.170.000 SR), and conducted medical tests for different number (970) wounded people from a total cost of aggression (4.850.000 SR). The Fund also provided to the wounded aggression medical devices and prosthetic aids such as wheelchairs of various kinds, medical headsets, mattresses and medical headrests and crutches, where the number of beneficiaries to provide prosthetic devices (1.685) people and the cost of financial reached (12.600.000) Real,

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